Digital Transformation

Even Arena’s Digital Transformation

India, March 13, 2023: Even Arena, a leading diversity and inclusion platform, has become a game changer in India's digital transformation landscape. Launched by its parent company, Wellington Marketers, Even Arena has been successful in expanding its reach beyond India and into the UK market. The company's focus on bringing about efficiencies in business operations has led to successful partnerships with various companies and different industries.

With the company's mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, their initiatives have played a crucial role in streamlining operational activities, enhancing employee performance, and driving productivity. The integration of technology and business services has enabled the organization to create platforms that boost productivity, ensure compliance, and optimize cost efficiencies. In addition, Even Arena has developed Net Zero platforms to achieve complete control over business operations, resulting in the minimization of inefficiencies and the development of effective business roadmaps. These efforts have yielded significant progress in the digital transformation and diversity and inclusion initiatives in India and other regions.

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Rachel Goode, who heads the operations, highlights the company's efforts to match the global market requirements with their supplier base and their readiness to develop unique platforms for better value creation and integration with India. The company's focus on harnessing the supply chain and creating value through collaborations and innovations is commendable.