Growing, roasting, and brewing coffee is a beautiful art...

Exceptional Qualities of Specialty Coffee Make it so Special

Specialty coffee is the highest grade of green bean coffee available.


Growing, roasting, and brewing coffee is a beautiful art. It is a process that involves so much more than just the beverage.

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We having an office in Coimbatore, India as a corporate office and Marketing Office is in Sunderland, United Kingdom.

We have been focusing on plantation industry since 2012.Our operations extend from tea estates, factory processing, Fmcg, Logistics and exports. In the recent years,we have our UK based organisation, partnering with companies to develop platforms, that enable better performance. In this according ,we have worked with our partner Sensible Development to bring about coffee auctions to India. The focus has been to enable companies to achieve a better pricing and integration with Global Buyers. The minimum quantity desirable will be at 5-7 tonnes and upto a container per auction.This can be in various lots and types for the auction. The quality of the green beans has been the prime focus for the auctions, since most of the global buyers are small or medium roasters. The requirements of the green beans have to be with Category I defects at less than 0%. We are the start-up company from our Brand Company WELLINGTON MARKETERS


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Exceptional Qualities of Specialty Coffee Make it so Special

There are certain qualities that make a specialty coffee special. Several international organizations have set standards for this type of coffee, and they are based on the specific sourcing and processing of the specialty coffee beans. The types of specialty coffee include Arabica and Robusta, and they are grown at different altitudes. This diversity in taste makes specialty coffee more desirable to consumers because it is more unique than other types of coffee. Body, acidity and sweetness are typically present in high amounts in specialty coffee. Body creates the mouthfeel of a coffee while acidity defines how lively it feels on the palate and sweetness describes how flavourful the coffee is.A full-bodied coffee has a buttery or syrupy flavour and retains more flavour when diluted with milk or water. Specialty coffee beans typically have more density compared to non-specialty beans.

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