Delight in the discovery of your favourite Speciality Coffee Beans

Speciality Coffee Beans

Calling all coffee lovers! - Please take a seat as we begin our voyage: a voyage of discovery and delight, as we delve into the origins and unique flavours that specialty coffee beans have to offer!

Specialty coffee beans are the epitome of excellence, meticulously grown and nurtured to perfection. They are the result of an enduring commitment to quality, right from the moment they are planted in carefully selected soils, to the precise point of harvest and intricately chosen roasting methods. Unlike mass-produced and homogenised coffee blends, specialty coffee beans derive from the expertise, dedication and vision of farmers and roasters alike.

Specialty coffee beans are cultivated in some of the most diverse, pristine and idyllic places on Earth, with each region chosen for its unique geography and climatic conditions, perfect for growing and maturing the very finest coffees. From the mountains and hills of Ethiopia, to the verdant hills of Costa Rica and the rich volcanic soils of Guatemala, specialty coffee beans have each developed their own distinct flavour profiles, shaped by altitude, soil composition, rainfall, and farming techniques. 

Each coffee growing region has its own signature flavour characteristics, and specialty coffee beans take a leap further with more complex, nuanced profiles that only very special coffee beans can offer. Coffee farmers who specialise in producing these beans go above and beyond, implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices which ensure the continued health and prosperity of the land. The result is a product that embodies the essence of excellence, delivering a consistently remarkable coffee experience.

Additionally, it is hard to overstate the crucial role that roasters play, as each roaster employs their own unique techniques. When it comes to coffee, if there is such a thing as a magical formula then the roaster could well be described as the master magician! 

With only the finest quality beans selected and consistently roasted to very stringent standards, specialty coffee is then graded based on a well established evaluation process. Evaluation incorporates factors such as size, blend, colour and moisture content. Only the very best of the best, that is coffee that scores above 80 points on a 100 point scale, earns the right to be labelled as “specialty coffee”. 

Aside from the highest quality beans and distinctive flavour, many specialty coffee farms operate sustainable and ethical practices which adhere to fair trade principles. Therefore, by choosing the best coffee, you not only get to enjoy an exceptional experience, but you also get to contribute towards a sustainable industry that pays respectably, ensuring the well-being of all those involved in the production cycle.

With their exceptional quality, unique flavours, and the unmatched experiences they offer, specialty coffee beans represent the height of coffee craftsmanship, with meticulous grading and evaluation, only the very best beans earn the right to be labelled as ‘speciality’.