Highland coffee beans, unroasted Coffee beans & Commercial Coffee beans

Highland coffee (Beans) | Unroasted Coffee (Beans) | Commercial Coffee (Beans)

Three distinct coffee beans, each with unique qualities; The exceptional taste of Highland coffee beans, the affordable convenience of Commercial Coffee beans, and the unmatched adaptability of unroasted coffee beans, which coffee bean should you go for?

Highland Coffee Beans

Highland coffee beans are cultivated in high-altitude regions, typically higher than 3,000 feet (or 900 meters) above sea level. With cooler temperatures and slower maturation process at high altitudes, Highland coffee beans are more dense and therefore have a more concentrated flavour. Higher sugar and acidic content, makes for a more nuanced flavour which can be described as; bright with floral notes and some fruity undertones. Highland coffee beans are typically very smooth and have a rounded taste. The high altitude helps to slow down the growth of the coffee cherries, allowing them to develop their flavours over a longer period of time.

Higher altitude cultivation does come with its fair share of challenges. Thanks to harsher growing conditions (cooler temperatures, thinner air, and steep terrain) farming requires more time and a higher level of experience. All this means that Highland-grown coffee beans are generally more expensive than beans grown at lower altitudes.

Highland coffee beans are sought after by specialty coffee roasters who seek out a unique and refined  taste, and by roasters who are happy to pay extra for a premium coffee product.

Unroasted Coffee Beans

Also referred to as ‘green’ coffee beans, Unroasted Coffee Beans describes beans which have been harvested, but not yet subjected to roasting. Their pale green appearance lacks the typical coffee smell of roasted coffee, but they are ready to be transformed into whichever blend the coffee roaster desires.

Major producers covet Unroasted Coffee Beans, as well as home roasters and enthusiasts also seek to experiment with coffee blending to find their ideal taste and aroma. Large-scale coffee sellers choose Unroasted Coffee Beans with which to roast in-house, enabling the creation of distinct blends and flavour profiles which differentiate them from other products on the market. Such producers meticulously select their Unroasted Coffee Beans from global coffee-growing regions to ensure a consistent, high-quality supply.

Unroasted beans encompass various compounds – acids, sugars, oils, and aromatics – all crucial for the eventual flavour profile. Their versatility and adaptability ensures that Unroasted Coffee Beans are always in high demand.

Directly selling unroasted beans to global buyers empowers growers in coffee-producing nations such as India, giving them a greater share in the profits. Such an approach to direct trade fosters transparency, sustainability, and equitable wealth distribution throughout the coffee industry in India.

Commercial Coffee Beans

Commercial Coffee Beans describes mass-produced coffee aimed at broad markets, often found in supermarkets and convenience stores. They can originate from various global regions, including Central and South America, Africa, and India.

Commercial Coffee Buyers look for:

  • Consistent, broadly appealing flavour.

  • Quality beans free from defects.

  • Medium roasted beans for a balanced taste.

  • A chocolaty, fruity, caramel, or nutty taste

  • Affordability

Despite its affordability, and sometimes a lack of transparency as to its origins, Commercial Coffee Beans offer convenience, reliability and consistency. Commercial Coffee Beans can be purchased in either ground, instant, or pod form and large-scale coffee brands will purchase them regularly in huge quantities. Big brands invest heavily in marketing and distribution, and collaborate directly with coffee producers, ensuring a steady supply and a steady income for coffee-producing regions around the world.

Whichever type of coffee bean is right for you, you can enjoy high quality, ethically sourced coffee that is guaranteed to provide an exceptional coffee-drinking experience.