What Makes Arabica Cherry Coffee Beans Unique?

What Makes Arabica Cherry Coffee Beans Unique?

The world of coffee is diverse and complex, with a seemingly endless variety of beans, roasts, and brewing methods. However, for many coffee lovers, there's one type of bean that stands out above the rest: Arabica cherry coffee beans. These beans are known for their unique flavour profile, rich history, and cultural significance. In this post, we'll discuss what makes Arabica cherry beans so special and why they're worth seeking out for your next cup of joe. Let's get started.

Arabica cherry beans come from the Coffea arabica plant, which is widely considered the superior coffee plant species. The beans are called "cherry" because they are found inside a bright red fruit that resembles a cherry. The fruit is harvested when it's ripe, and the beans are then extracted, dried, and roasted to produce the coffee that we all know and love.


The flavour of Arabica cherry coffee beans can vary depending on several factors, such as the origin of the beans, the altitude at which they were grown, the method of processing, and the roast level. However, generally speaking, arabica cherry beans have a sweet, fruity flavour. 

The aroma is a combination of nutty, earthy notes with a sweet, fruity top note. The taste is delicate, with a medium body and a smooth, silky finish. It has a light acidity and is slightly sweet, with a lingering cherry aftertaste. The coffee has a delicate complexity and is well-balanced.


The production of Arabica cherry coffee beans is a labour-intensive process that requires careful attention to detail at every stage. It begins with the harvesting when the beans are ripe and ready to be picked. The cherries are carefully plucked and selected one by one, then laid out on drying beds in the sun. This process can take up to two weeks, during which the cherries must be monitored and turned regularly to ensure even drying.

Once the cherries have dried sufficiently, they are collected and sent to a processing facility where they are hulled and sorted according to size and quality. This is a crucial step, as it removes any damaged or immature beans and ensures that only the best beans make it through to the roasting process.

The beans are then roasted in a rotating drum until they reach the desired colour and flavour. The roast profile is tailored to each batch of beans to ensure consistency. The beans are then cooled, packed, and shipped to coffee shops and speciality stores around the world.

Indian-grown Arabica cherry coffee beans

India is one of the world's largest producers of Arabica cherry beans. Its high elevation, moist climate, and rich soil make it an ideal growing environment for Arabica beans.

India's Arabica beans are especially prized in the UK, where they are used to make high-quality espresso blends. They are also highly sought after due to their sustainability. Unlike other countries, India's Arabica beans are grown without the use of pesticides, making them a healthier, more environmentally-friendly choice.

Additionally, India is committed to fair-trade practices, ensuring that the farmers who grow the beans get a fair price for their product. At Speciality Coffee Beans, we provide high-quality Indian-grown Arabica cherry coffee beans. Make your order today.