Everything You Need To Know About Robusta Cherry Coffee Beans

Everything You Need To Know About Robusta Cherry Coffee Beans

Robusta cherry coffee is the latest craze in the world of speciality coffee and is quickly becoming a favourite among coffee enthusiasts. But what makes them so special? Keep reading to discover more about Robusta cherry coffee beans.

Robusta cherry beans are a type of coffee bean harvested from the Coffea canephora plant, also known as the Robusta coffee plant. The cherry refers to the fruit of the coffee plant that contains the coffee bean. Robusta coffee beans are generally less expensive and have a stronger and more bitter taste than Arabica cherry coffee beans. They also contain more caffeine than Arabica beans.

Robusta cherry beans are typically used in blends with Arabica beans to provide a stronger, more full-bodied flavour to the coffee. They are also commonly used in instant coffee, espresso, and other coffee drinks where a strong flavour is desired.

Flavour profile of Robusta cherry beans

Robusta cherry beans have a distinct and strong flavour profile that differs from other coffee beans. Here are some characteristics that describe the flavour profile of Robusta cherry beans:

Bitterness: Robusta coffee beans have more caffeine and chlorogenic acid than Arabica beans, which leads to a more bitter taste.

Earthy and Woody Notes: Robusta coffee beans often have earthy and woody notes, which can be described as a taste of soil, wood, or nutty flavours.

Nutty and Chocolatey Notes: Some Robusta coffee beans can also have a nutty or chocolatey taste profile. These flavours can be more pronounced in higher-quality Robusta beans.

Acidity: Robusta coffee beans tend to have a lower acidity than Arabica beans, making the coffee taste less bright or fruity.

Full-bodied: Robusta coffee beans have a full-bodied flavour, meaning they have a rich, heavy mouthfeel that can linger on the tongue.

5 Ways to brew Robusta cherry coffee

There are several ways to brew Robusta cherry beans to bring out their unique flavour profile. Here are some methods that work well:


Robusta beans are normally used in espresso blends because of their strong and bitter flavour. The espresso machine's high pressure and short extraction time help you get the best flavours from the beans, resulting in a rich and bold shot.

French Press

Using a French Press can be a great way to brew Robusta beans because it allows the coffee to steep for a longer period. This method can bring out the earthy and nutty notes of the beans.

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is a popular brewing method for Robusta beans because it allows the coffee to be brewed quickly and efficiently.

Moka Pot

Moka pots are designed to make concentrated coffee, making them perfect for Robusta cherry beans. The bold flavour of the beans can stand up to the intense pressure of the Moka pot, resulting in a rich and full-bodied cup.

Cold Brew

Robusta beans can be used in cold-brew coffee. The long steeping time allows the flavours of the beans to develop slowly, resulting in a smooth and slightly sweet cup.

When brewing Robusta cherry beans, it's important to remember that they are more prone to bitterness than other types of beans. It's best to avoid over-extraction by carefully controlling the brewing time and temperature and using the correct grind size for the chosen brewing method. Looking for Robusta Cherry coffee beans? Make your order today.