Robusta Washed Coffee Beans - From India, all the way to your coffee table

Robusta Natural Coffee Beans, Robusta Washed Coffee Beans

Specialty coffee refers to a distinctive category of coffee which undergoes special cultivation and processing methods to enhance its flavour and aroma. These high-grade coffees are then evaluated by certified professional coffee tasters and must receive a grade of 80 points or higher on a 100-point scale to be classed as such. To cultivate specialty coffee, growers choose higher elevations, often on steep slopes, where the optimal combination of temperature and soil conditions can be found, resulting in superior bean quality.

The production of specialty coffee involves meticulous attention to detail. The beans are cultivated in small, carefully-controlled and monitored batches, and great care is taken throughout all stages of the harvesting process. Only the ripest coffee cherries are subsequently handpicked for processing. And you’ll find that specialty coffee beans have a higher density, that is to say the beans are more compact and heavier,  which equates to a more pronounced and complex flavour profile.

In the UK, there is a consistent and increasing demand for Robusta Natural Coffee Beans which are mainly of Indian-origin. India’s southern states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have gained a reputation for producing top-quality Robusta Natural Coffee Beans, which are primarily used in espresso blends due to their ability to generate a rich crema and strong earthy flavour profiles. One marked characteristic of the Robusta coffee bean is that they are roasted at a higher temperature than many other coffee beans, and this results in a much darker roast.

Robusta Natural Coffee Beans are harvested from the Coffea Canephora plant, a coffee species native to Ethiopia. It is renowned for its intense taste and elevated caffeine content, two qualities which the Brit’s have a particular fondness for! 

After harvest, Robusta coffee beans are then washed. The coffee bean washing process Is employed to remove the coffee cherry's outer layers, in order to extract the coffee bean itself. In the case of Robusta Washed Coffee Beans, this process incorporates 5 key steps: 

The Harvesting stage - Coffee cherries are carefully picked when at the perfect ripeness and maturity. This ensures that the beans inside are of the highest quality.

The De-pulping stage - At this stage the outer skin of the coffee cherry is mechanically removed via a machine which methodically separates the cherries' flesh from the coffee beans inside.

The Fermentation stage: The now de-pulped beans have a sticky mucilage layer which now needs to be removed. They are then placed in tanks for a period of time which allows them to ferment. Natural enzymes then break down the mucilage, resulting in premium-grade Robusta Washed Coffee Beans!

The Washing stage - After fermentation, the beans are thoroughly washed with clean water to remove any residual mucilage. This step ensures that the beans are clean and free from any unwanted substances.

The Drying stage - The last stage involves spreading-out the beans on beds to remove any residual moisture. They are often turned regularly to ensure consistency. This process can potentially take several days, but it is essential the beans are properly dried before they can be stored and transported.