Everything You Need To Know About Indian Speciality Robusta Coffee

Indian Speciality Robusta Coffee

If you can't start your day without a cup of coffee, then you know the feeling of that first sip hitting your lips - the warmth, the aroma, the jolt of caffeine. Coffee is more than just a morning ritual - it's a cultural phenomenon, a social lubricant, and a beloved beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries. If you really want to experience coffee at its best, you need to try speciality Robusta coffee from India. Keep reading to discover more about this special coffee type.

What is speciality coffee?

Specialty coffee is a unique type of coffee grown and processed in special ways to bring out the best flavour and aroma. It is coffee that has been graded 80 points or above on a 100-point scale by certified coffee tasters. This coffee is grown at higher elevations, often on steep mountainsides, where the temperature and soil are ideal for producing the best quality beans.

The beans are grown in smaller, more specific batches, with careful attention paid to the harvesting process. Speciality coffee beans are usually denser than non-speciality ones.

The coffee cherries are typically harvested by hand, with only the ripest cherries selected for processing. The beans are then carefully washed, dried, and sorted to remove any defects or impurities.

Specialty coffee farmers often use shade-grown techniques, planting coffee trees alongside other vegetation to protect them from harsh sunlight and promote biodiversity. The types of specialty coffee include Robusta and Arabica.

Indian Robusta Coffee

There has been a growing interest in specialty Robusta coffee, mainly from India, among coffee enthusiasts in the UK. This is in contrast to the more traditional preference for Arabica coffee, which has historically dominated the UK coffee market.

India is known for its high-quality Robusta beans, grown primarily in the southern states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. These beans are often used in espresso blends, as they produce a thick crema and have a bold, earthy flavour profile that can stand up to the addition of milk and sugar.

Robusta coffee is produced from the Coffea canephora plant, a coffee species native to Ethiopia. It is known for its strong flavour and high caffeine content, making it a popular choice for those looking for an energising start to their day. Robusta coffee beans are usually roasted at a higher temperature than other types of beans, giving them a darker roast and a distinct flavour.

Importation of Robusta coffee from India to the UK

The history of coffee importation from India to the UK dates back to the early 17th century when the British East India Company began trading in coffee and other commodities. 

Indian coffee began to gain recognition for its quality and unique flavour profile in the early 20th century. Indian coffee was particularly popular in Europe, where it was prized for its mellow, nutty flavour and low acidity.

Today, India continues to be a major coffee producer, with most of its Robusta coffee beans being exported to Europe and the US. Robusta coffee is ideal if you're looking for a flavour-packed and energizing morning drink. Try out our top-quality Indian Robusta coffee.