Why do coffee-drinkers choose Robusta Washed Coffee Beans for their morning cup?

Robusta Washed Coffee Beans

For coffee drinkers who love strong tasting coffee at an affordable price, Robusta washed coffee beans make the perfect cup of ‘everyday’ coffee. Robusta washed coffee beans can be sourced from many countries and regions of the world, and whilst India is traditionally known for its Arabica coffee production, in recent years, there has been a notable increase in the cultivation and export of Robusta washed coffee beans, with many cultivators now specialising in producing Robusta washed coffee beans.

The defining qualities of Robusta Washed Coffee Beans:

  • A Bold, Strong flavour: Robusta beans are revered for their powerfully rich flavour. Natural bitterness and earthy notes combine to form a full-bodied cup of coffee which leaves a lasting impression.

  • Caffeine Content: Robusta beans contain almost twice the caffeine content of Arabica beans. This gives  Robusta coffee a reputation for providing an intense and energising kick, making Robusta a great choice for anyone looking for a pick-me-up in the morning!

  • A Hint of Chocolate & Nuts: Robusta washed coffee beans surprise and delight with nutty, somewhat chocolaty undertone, adding depth and complexity to its overall flavour. These subtle flavours complement the overall bled taste to form a comprehensive blend.

This remarkable success is in no small part down to the resilience of Robusta Coffee plants themselves. Robusta coffee beans are derived from plants which are:

  • Adaptability: One of the most remarkable features of the Coffea canephora plant is its ability to thrive in a wide range of environmental /climatic conditions. Unlike delicate Arabica plants, Robusta plants are tough and can withstand harsh conditions, which makes them ideal for growing in a wide range of regions and around the world.

  • Resistance to Disease & insects Robusta plants exhibit a remarkable resilience to disease and animals / insects, making them easier to cultivate and maintain. Their natural resilience reduces the need for expensive and damaging pesticides, thereby contributing to sustainable farming practices.

  • Greater Yields: Robusta plants are prolific producers, yielding a higher quantity of coffee cherries per plant compared to Arabica plants. This characteristic enhances the economic viability of Robusta cultivation and makes it an attractive option for coffee growers.

Robusta Washed Coffee Beans at a glance:

  • Origin: Robusta washed coffee beans are derived from the Coffea canephora plant, originally native to Central and Western Africa.

  • Production: Robusta beans account for around one third of the world's total production of coffee!, with major cultivation in countries like Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia and India.

  • Espresso Blends: Robusta washed coffee beans are used frequently in espresso blends primarily because they form dense, long-lasting coffee crema.

  • Affordability: Robusta beans are generally cheaper to purchase than Arabica beans, making them accessible to a wider consumer base and highly suited to mass-produced coffee products which are destined for supermarkets.

  • Instant Robusta: Because of its distinctive flavour and a higher caffeine content, Robusta beans are really well suited for use in instant coffee products.

Blending: Coffee roasters choose Robusta washed coffee beans to blend with Arabica washed beans for a very balanced, flavourful blend that’s highly popular with consumers.